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The DANGER Ranger       #: 2325
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 Posted: Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 07:45 pm
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Joined: Mon Feb 22nd, 2021
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When I first started racing I had no money. I had a 2008 Honda Civic LX with a Harbor Freight chinesium special trailer I built to tow my shifter kart to the track. I would pull up wo the track next to semi trucks filled with professional mechanics and prepped karts and Senna wannabies from Europe. Driving that trailer through Boston was killing it - so after a season of being real ridiculous I upgraded to my 2011 4.0L auto Ranger.

She was a beast - a former cable company truck with helper springs and a 7ft bed. I used that truck to tow 20ft boats, race trailers, cars, and it got me through college mostly issue free (she ate both u-joints and front wheel bearings). I drove that truck all through college and into my first year as an engineer. I crashed it into a snowbank at 40mph showing off my "great" racing skills to impress some girl, which coined the nickname "The Danger Ranger". The front bumper was crooked after that and I bent it back into place with a floor jack, other than that no damage. I loved that truck, and I had to get rid of it when I moved from shifter karts to cars. Forever in my memory - long live the Danger Ranger

If you were wondering - the shifter kart was a 6 speed sequential that did 0-60 in 3 seconds and cornered at 3-4 G's

AM2 Racing

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 Posted: Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 08:07 pm
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Owns A Torsen

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Cool! I had carts when I was younger, mostly home brewed little glorified lawn mowers nothing quite as cool as that!
Welcome to FR

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 Posted: Tue Feb 23rd, 2021 12:36 am
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Welcome to FR.

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Splitting time between southern NJ & Southern Virginia.
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