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New bronco       #: 2207
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 Posted: Thu Dec 24th, 2020 03:33 am
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26th Post
I’ll probably do it tomorrow

Joined: Mon Jun 25th, 2018
Location: Dallas TexasUSA
Posts: 693
Name: Justin
Reputation Points: 1323
I know, I was just shocked to see one and surprised at how small they actually are.

knowing when to quit is wisdom, being able to quit is courage.

1983 Ranger, reluctantly taking apart. Donor/project vehicle.

1984 Ranger, currently in ≈861 pieces. She’s donating what’s salvageable.
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 Posted: Thu Dec 24th, 2020 05:07 pm
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27th Post


Joined: Wed May 2nd, 2018
Location: Panhandle IdahoUSA
Posts: 2137
Name: Jamie
Occupation: Elevator Design Worlds Tallest Buildings
Interests: Ranger Based Vehicles and OFFROAD
Reputation Points: 5372
bronco Sport doesn't count!!! LOL
Damn things, Ford what are you doing??? The BII never should have been called a bronco neither should the new sport! If the top doesn't come off its not a real BRONCO!! I should know I took the underdog of all ford 4x4's and made it my own (Bronco II)

I build custom RBV, specializing in drivetrain conversions, wiring, suspension and complete custom trucks
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 Posted: Thu Dec 24th, 2020 06:38 pm
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28th Post

Mustang Nut

Joined: Sun Oct 22nd, 2017
Location: Horsepasture VirginiaUSA
Posts: 1558
Name: Mike
Occupation: Merchandising
Interests: Vintage Mustangs, RBV's, car shows, & woodworking
Reputation Points: 2798
Ford should have called the 2 door Bronco the Sport like the 2 door Explorer was called the Sport.

21 Bronco Sport Big Bend,(Wife's DD)
00 Ranger Extd Cab 4x4 4.0 OHV, Auto(My DD)
99 Explorer Sport 4x4 4.0 SOHC, Auto
69 Mustang Coupe 5.0, 5 spd(Project & my future toy)
14 Kawasaki Vulcan (Wife's Toy)
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 Posted: Thu Dec 24th, 2020 08:50 pm
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29th Post
New Audio On The Way !

Joined: Fri Dec 22nd, 2017
Location: California USA
Posts: 2046
Name: Grev B
Occupation: Quality Assurance Engineer
Interests: Rangers, Photography, Metal Bending
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I liked the Explorer and Navajo 2 dr, wouldn't mind one.
The new Bronco Sport is a POS at best.
As the new Ranger and above all else the new Mustang 4 door... WTF is Ford thinking.

Not sure what is happening with the auto industry, Trucks are way over priced, vehicles are all looking the same , all have the same drive systems and what are called different engines, and where the H--- does the auto industry think all of this money is coming from !
To make matter worse, all of the older vehicles, BII, Explorers, Rangers, are all going through the roof, everyone wants a piece of the GREED !

OK too much said, maybe, I think the days of the 4 Wheel Drive Off-Road Vehicles are almost a thing of the past.

Later all, have a great Christmas !

Last edited on Thu Dec 24th, 2020 08:51 pm by Scrambler82

2003 EDGE, Std Cab, Steppie, E4 Red, 5sp, 4x
5" SuperLift, 33" x 12.50 x 15"
Hurst Shifter
Mod'd Backrack to fit Steppie
Front and Rear Bumpers by Custom 4x4 Fabrication, OK; now Mike Welding and Fabrication.
Working on more Mods, just need more time, longer days would work !
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 Posted: Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 02:21 am
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30th Post

Joined: Fri Nov 10th, 2017
Location: Suwanee GeorgiaUSA
Posts: 1482
Occupation: Controlled Insanity
Reputation Points: 2787
I saw an ad about a Ranger Raptor while I was in south Florida lost week. I was off the grid but it sounded promising.

'04 XLT regular cab 3.slo stepside
Came out of retirement to drive a school bus - I have lost my mind
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 Posted: Fri Jan 14th, 2022 02:48 am
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Ordinary Biker

Joined: Sat Oct 21st, 2017
Location: Denver ColoradoUSA
Posts: 454
Reputation Points: 939
I've started thinking about trading the Ranger in on a New 2-door bronco.

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