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MVH-AV290BT background image       #: 2106
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 Posted: Mon Apr 27th, 2020 05:55 pm
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Owns A Torsen

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Name: Jim
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I have been doing internet searches since the internet became affordable.

There are hacks and cracks for doing everything on every device. Except for the Pioneer MVH-AV290BT

It doesn't matter what you search for, AVH- comes up instead of MVH- quotes, brackets, whatever.

I just want to put a silly custom wallpaper on with the FR logo. Created one over a year ago, turns out the tutorial I followed for loading it was for an AVH instead of MVH.

I have 2 MVH-AV290BT's in 2 rangers. They are killer radios for the price.

They act totally differently, like 2 different firmwares. One displays the names when it plays USB, the other does not. Same USB unplug from one plug in to the other.

I cannot find firmware for the MVH, I cannot find a tutorial that works on the MVH, it displays the image just fine but there is no download icon to the left like on the AVH and several other models.

Pioneer is no help, they only have the manual. No firmware, no instructions.

I did find a hack dongle so I didn't have to use my parking brake since I don't use my parking brake. That works.

It reads the USB just fine, displays the only image and the only file on the USB, it looks GREAT but there is no way to save it to wallpaper.

Just venting, I seriously have wasted more time on this than I should have and are frustrated.

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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2020 01:02 pm
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Wrench spinner

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Lol - I did a search on MVH and got 13 pagefuls of links to the MVH Pioneer - crucially one of the articles says "the only downside to this radio is you can't upload your own wallpaper" ... :'(


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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2020 01:54 pm
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I did that. I had a kenwood deck that allowed gif images to be displayed as the background. So I spent a ton of time making these custom skinny gif images of my truck builds and tried to get them to display on the head unit....never did work. Tons of time wasted = I am no hacker! LOL

The new head unit, Atoto android tablet will display any picture or video in about 4 seconds......... no hacking abilities needed! Ahhhhhh much better

I build custom RBV, specializing in drivetrain conversions, wiring, suspension and complete custom trucks
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