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This is a rewrite of a L O N G build page from another site that since my start of has acquired 15,187 views up to this point as of today's date and has taken me on many small adventures and experiences; to me that is living life through a hobby.

So to start:

When I first made my purchase, she was a dirty 1993 Ford Ranger XLT with a standard cab, 4.0L Manual trans and 2WD Virgin.., shy of the bunk audio gear the previous owner stuffed in it. No armrest console/center seat back, no OEM jack... SOLD as is

The short lived transformation of a street truck turned to a much better and more functional vehicle on several levels. As someone into camping a lot, new places to visit, fishing and firearms, a self-proclaimed survivalist on an urban or even open land aspect; it only made sense that a multi-purpose vehicle with overlanding/expeditionary capabilities and good sustainable attributes should take root.. [Trail Camping & Adventures]


The products I use are generally multi-purposeful, of middle to middle upper end quality, most of which have been supplied or installed by one of two of my trucks current sponsors.., Myself and 12° North, Industries which has been generously helpful.., Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I only use the products that fits the needs and the means of the situations I create with the rig and those associated with it..

NOTE:: “Generally it’s against most forum policies to engage in outright site commerce without permissions from the Administration” so that we are CLEAR; it is not my goal to sell anything here by this Thread. My goal here is to showcase what has been done to a 24 yr old truck which lost its manufacturing platform leadership in 2011. It is also my intention to spark up ideas and or conversations of the How, what and why the truck is set up the way it is.

The best part is it’s not a Brand NEW $55,000 something dollar vehicle being shod with another $20k in shiny parts to become the latest “Billboard-Mall-Crawler”. I’m not a Youtube showcase. Just a man doing my thing cause I can. There is a personal and master goal at work here, a  overly thought out theme, and well defined purpose, with much ingenuity & creativity behind it all.

Like what you see so far? Come join myself and others as we evolve on our journeys.

> Curious about the process and adventures I take this on?
> Have any questions in regards to the products I use?
> Subscribe to my thread(s), say hello and let's meet on the trails!

93’ Ford Ranger XLT

4.0 Liter V6 OHV
5 Speed Manual
Rear Diff: 3.73, Open

Daystar 2" Leveling kit
Stock 2WD Coils
Fox 2.5 Smooth Body Shocks/External reservoir-CD Adjuster (Not Installed yet due to Suspension changes)

Universal Group HD Leaf Pack (1750lb – 1.7” of lift)
Deaver 10" U-bolts
Fox 2.0 Smooth Body Shocks/External reservoir (Not Installed yet due to suspension changes)

17x8.0 02'-05' Ford Explorer AWD Takeoffs
LTS 265/70/17 Hancook Dynapro MT (32" 10 ply tires)
Bronson 1.25" spacers (front/rear)
Hawk Brake Pads - Frt. LTS HB279Y.594 / Rr. Stock 10" Shoes

26oz of Ride-On Auto Tire Sealant/Balancing Fluid ea. tire

12° North, Ind. Custom Big 3 Wiring Upgrade [Battery(s), Alt, Starter, & Grounds]
12° North, Ind. Custom Jumper Cables
Performance Accessories (Daystar) 2" Body Lift Kit
BoltLock(s) (keeping gear secure)
Hi Lift curved bumper attachment
ARB Breather kit (for rear diff and Trans, plumbed for front diff)
AVS Ventshades (Front Windows)
Spare fluids: 1gal Antifreeze, 1gal Mobil1 oil/filter, 1 lrg bottle brake fluid, 2qts ATF Mercon IV
Spare Parts: Serpentine belt, 1 upper/lower rad hose, 1 upper/lower ball joint, misc fuses, screws & bolts, cable ties, scrap wire, etc…

K&N OEM box style filter [modified]
Flow Master 40 Custom Cat-back W/downturn before axle
NGK Wires
NGK Iridium plugs
Mishimoto 2 row HD Radiator
Volvo 940T E-Fan upgrade w/2 speed fan
[OEM Clutch Fan Delete]

Coolgear 12v USB Charging Hub – 7 USB Port
Birdawg Industries Rear view Mirror Riser & Toyota Dovetail Mirror Bracket
LED bulb dash lights upgrade
OHC (Overhead Console w/dual lighting mirrors, compass/temp, from Explorer Sport)
First aid kit (Medium kit behind passenger seat)
Charging Station for StreamLight Srion LED

Fire extinguisher 4lb
First Responder Field Trauma Kit
Std Shovel held in place with Quick-Fists
Charging Station for StreamLight Stinger LED HL
Charging Station for GoPro Cameras
Custom fold up Desk with power access

Hi-Lift Extreme Jack
ARB Snatch-Strap 30' @1
ARB Snatch-Strap 20' @2
Warn Snatch Blocks @2
Rugged Ridge D-Ring Shackles [ @4]
ARB Quick deflator Air Gauge
ARB Tire repair Kit
Full Size Spade Shovel
Zippo 4 in 1 Woodsman Axe/saw

Flip-Pac shell with options
Road Shower II (Currently Not Installed)

TOTE: (a) His
  Sleeping bag [Can compression zip to TOTE b bag]
  Queen Sized Pillow/Blanket
  2 Person Military Ground Tent
  7 x 10 Tarp

TOTE: (b) Hers
  Sleeping bag [Can compression zip to TOTE a bag]
  Queen Sized Pillow/Blanket
  2 Person Military Ground Tent
  7 x 10 Tarp

TOTE: (c)
  Calif-King Electric Blanket
  Reserve stove fuel
  Stanley Base-Camp Pots & Pan Kit (1 set)
  Stanley Camp Coffee Pot & Cups (1 Set)
  Waterproof Case (Spare AA, AAA Batteries)
  Waterproof Case (Reg & Canvas Sewing kit)

TOTE: (d)
  Dry Foods; Ready-made meals
  Cereals, pretzels, pastas, rice
  Dried fruits, soup mixes
  Water, tea, instant coffee
  Foods (Other)
2 – 72 Hour Bags W/1.6L Camel Bacs
[Contents in a later update]
Maluna Cooler - Unhinged 50 (Shark Gray)

National Luna Smart Dual Battery Isolator w/monitoring
1 @ Exide Flat Plate AGM Group 65 [Main Starting]
2 @ Exide Flat Plate AGM Mega-cycle 200 [Reserve capacity]

12° North, Ind. Hood light kit
12° North, Ind. Camper Shell light kit
Flip-Pac LED upgrades 5w Red frt/7w white rear
GG Lighting LED 40” SRS  [Forward Facing Roof] (Not Installed yet)
GG Lighting LED 2x2 Cubes @ 4 [Pillar/Ditch lighting]
GG Lighting LED 2x2 Flush mount @ 1[Reverse Light]
GG Lighting LED 20” SRS  [Forward Facing Bumper Mounted]
StreamLight Stinger LED HL
StreamLight Srion LED

Uniden CMX560 Citizens Band Radio
Midland MXT105 Micromobile 2-way radio

US Topo Maps App [Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0]
Commenga Military Compass
Folding Maps/Protractor

Alutek Bluetooth/RCA Module
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 / 17.1GB music, Pandora, Spotify, etc
Q-Forms kick panels 5.25Midrange / 1” Tweet (Temporarily Removed)
7” Midbass Factory door locations (Temporarily Removed)
One 8” Diamond Audio CM3 Subwoofer (Temporarily Removed)
Audio Control EQL (Temporarily Removed)
ARC Audio XDi850.5 Amp (85w x 4, 400w x 1, 740 watts total) (Temporarily Removed)
AudioQuest Diamond RCA [1 @ 4m pair, 2 @ 1.5m pairs]
AudioQuest Type II - IV Speaker cables

HP Pavilion dv6

GoPro Hero III (x2)

- Max Trax Vehicle Extraction device (need 2 pair)
- iCOM ID-5100a
- 12° North, Industries. Bed Drawer 5.5 ft of the, Bed 10” Height
- 12° North, Industries. Multi-carrier bumper (Receiver hitch style, shackle mnts.)
- 12° North, Industries. Front bumper (full grill/light hoop, push pads, shackle mnts, winch mnt)
- 12° North, Industries. Fuel Tank Skid-Plate
- 12° North, Industries. Transfer-Case Skid-Plate
- 12° North, Industries. Transmission Skid-Plate
- 12° North, Industries. Oil Pan Skid-Plate
- Rocky-Road Rock-Sliders/Rails
- Warn 9.5xp-s Winch
- Factor 55 Flatlink and Fairlead
- ARB Fridge Freezer 63Qt and Slide out
- ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor
- Spyder Automotive LED tail lights (93-05 version Smoked, red-clear only, hardwired clears as turn signals with amber LED bulbs)
- 5 Lug to 6 Lug Conversion
- Addition of Power Inverter with Solar Controller [Completes E-panel and gain DC/AC pwr]
- Reinstall/Finish audio system

And the list goes on…!

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