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 Posted: Fri Jul 22nd, 2022 01:44 pm
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it is used to keep moisture out of the connectors, but NOT on the actual wiring pins
Check your firing order, plug wires. I know this sounds elementary, but the OHV wires are crossed so often we have to check

You must start to rule things out.
You say it has a "jerk" to it which gets worse under load
This sounds like a misfire, it is there at idle and gets worse when put under load
Check fuel pressure
check firing order
Clean mas air flow sensor
check all fuses
watch the engine running in the dark, any blue arcing from plug wires?

The check engine light should come on when you first turn the key
if it does not then it needs a new bulb in the dash

Having a lean code followed by a rich code could have been your 02 sensor wires being crossed? This seems really interesting to me because the harness is done in such a way that crossing them would be very difficult. You need to make sure the 02 sensors are plugged in properly and in the correct location
If the 02 sensors are wired properly AND you get a lean code and a rich code, usually this is a fuel pressure issue (fuel pump, strainer, filter, regulator) check fuel pressure at the rail, check it cold, then check it when warm

Using die electric grease on the wiring pins will cause intermittent connections = problems

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