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 Posted: Sun Jul 3rd, 2022 02:08 pm
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OK, I do have the braided ground wire, it looked fine when I reinstalled it, so guess it would not hurt to make a beefer one to try. I have played with the wiring harness, shaking, pulling, poking, without getting my hand caught in something spinning. Is the cam positioning sensor the piece that is next to the harmonic balancer? I have not replaced that one and I don't have an extra one. I did that trick you said about disconnecting the cats and all it did was make it loud, no improvement in running. I have also cleaned all my connectors when I had it apart and when I reinstalled them used dialectic grease on all of them., I always do this with any wiring. I did replace the radiator yesterday and it took care of my drip, can't figure out what was wrong with the one that was in it, but the radiator cap would never get tight, new radiator half turn and it don't budge, but still no improvement in running. I will change that ground strap and shake the wires and all to see if I missed something. As far as tearing it back down and doing it again, way ahead of you, did that thinking I didn't get something tight enough or just something silly and didn't find anything and ran the exact same afterwards. I kind of figure it is something really simple and out in the open and I am just missing it. Thank you for helping me out