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 Posted: Tue May 3rd, 2022 11:50 pm
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Back on March 30 I special ordered a F-350 XLT Supercab with an 8' bed, 7.3L Godzilla engine, 4:30 gears, uplifter switches, XLT Convenience package, and gooseneck hitch package.  The truck would be available at the end of May or early June for a $500 deposit. Two weeks after the order I was notified the gooseneck hitch package was no longer available but the build would continue with everything else.  The dealer left a message that the order had been canceled by Ford today.  The dealer also informed me that F-350's are in short supply and there is not a XL or XLT with a 7.3L 2wd SRW within 500 miles.

Time to rethink this. I can switch over to a Diesel but that also opens up the field. A Ram is out because of their issues with the torque converters taking a dump just after  the warranty  runs out. I will blow through the warranty in the first year. The GM's weak link is the ho-hum Duramax performance but it does have the Allison transmission. The other drawback to a GM is the never ending recalls.  I have read about issues with Ford's  10-speed behind the PowerStroke. Used is out of the question as the used prices are outrageous. I will be searching for a F-350 Diesel 2wd. I will also be contacting Enterprise pro-rental to see what they have in a one ton with a gooseneck for a 3 month lease.

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