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 Posted: Tue Sep 21st, 2021 08:06 pm
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Scrambler82 wrote:
I installed the projector headlights FINALLY !

Wired the headlight, the Halos, and replaced the Parking lights with small LED projector bulbs, (thinking eBay item) !

Wiring went ok, straight forward just time consuming, but when I turned on the headlight and attempted to use the high/low beams... they were backwards.
I know there are a couple of different bulbs used in the Ford Headlights and all it takes is switching wires, which I can ring out and know which is which, BUTT... how do I get the Pins out or the Socket apart to get this done ?

Next get the lights aligned.

Query, anyone that has done this conversion, do the Halos appear too bright at first ?
I haven't connected the Headlight connection to the Halos' connections but I would have thought they would be "Low" power, low light, since I used the low power connection only.

So I have headlights, need alignment, Halos are BRIGHT, still need to attach headlight wire to the Halos.

Also, added three small LED Lights to the top of the Grille... Raptor style but not Raptor Lights, just small round LED Lights that should look OK.  
For now the Grille Lights are connected to the Parking Lights, thinking I may change the wiring to a DLR setup (I think there is a kit for that) and add the high powered Halos to that also.

No pics, sorry, I will take some of what is still apart, soon !

"06 Mirrors next on the list, bigger yes but I am not sold on the bigger view idea but they are powered so another wiring job to get out of the way, then I will attempt the powered windows based on a write up "Power Windows Using OEM Parts" or something like that !

The Honey Do List is popping up too, the wife wants the Pipe Style Industrial Shelving in the Office and the Living Room finished.


p.s.  Added Picture !

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Working on more Mods, just need more time, longer days would work !