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 Posted: Mon Jul 5th, 2021 08:59 pm
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It was just a thought. For me I will not have a truck without a limited slip rear. I have had a few 4x4's but had no real use of them outside of recreation. The 4x4's were slower, got worse fuel mileage, and had too many expensive moving parts that wore out prematurely. They also give you a false sense of security when you come across the hunting trail that is underwater. With only rear wheel drive I would look at that same trail and not even think about going down it. 

To throw in the multiplier effect mount a 10K winch on the front end. That gives you the added capability to pull up every tree that you can hook up to when you sink a 4x4.  With a LS 2wd there are far fewer "hold my beer and watch this" stories that can be told later.

For example: Back in 1990 I had a 78 F-100 XLT 4x4 with the factory 3" lift running 38 Ground Hawgs. It had a 400 SB, granny gear 4 speed, and 373 locker rear with a spool up front. I got that truck stuck 2 times. The first time it took 3 logging Timber Jacks to get to it and drag it out of the swamp. The Timber Jacks and I got stuck multiple times getting out of that mud hole back to solid ground.  That is when I got the winch. When I got it stuck that time I pulled 4 pine trees up that were all 10 to 12 inches in diameter. I got unstuck by a D-6 bulldozer as the jeeps and other trucks that would try to get back to where I was couldn't make it.

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