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 Posted: Mon Jul 5th, 2021 05:25 pm
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Hey look ↓ they ↓ bounce!

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@Tony: Yes, Gold Dust was a 1999 XLT 4X4.  Originally, it came with a 7.5" open diff.  He upgraded it to an 8.8" Trac-Lock diff.  He installed new clutch packs in it before he slipped it under the truck.  Has less than 2500 miles on it after the rebuild.  That is the diff carrier I put in mine yesterday.

As for the 4X4 stuff, I have no aspirations to make my EDGE a 4X4 truck... way too much work for me.  The front suspension took a super hard hit, so all of the new stuff he had put under the front are toast.  He had installed new upper and lower control arms, so all new bushings and ball joints as well as new tie rod ends.  Everything is bent or screwed up in some way or another, so I wouldn't trust those parts on my truck.

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