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 Posted: Sat May 8th, 2021 02:26 pm
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After extensive research since I bought the 01 I want this particular head unit for the silver one for several reasons.. HD radio, 5 channel output, full touch panel (the ones I have still have a few buttons), no CD... and incredible reviews.

I cannot find one at all. The Pioneer DMH-2660NEX seems to be extinct. One dude has a new one on e-bay and wants like 650 for it. If that's what the price was I would pay it but less than a year ago they were bringing 350 at best buy and crutchfield.

I have searched till I am blue in the face does anyone have one and wants to upgrade that would sell me theirs?

Maybe there is a small town appliance shop that has one not advertised on the net. I offered the dude an insane amount more than it was worth and he is sticking to his 650 price. If I wanted a 650 dollar radio I would be looking in that class range. Would be like me asking 3K for my steppie green Ranger.

Help a bruthah out

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