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 Posted: Sun Dec 13th, 2020 04:20 pm
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His 97 5.0 PCM does not have pats
2000 Ranger does, but it went away with the old V6 PCM
So we are good there

Some things to check:
1. have you checked fuel rail pressure? Should be 38 psi +/- while cranking. You can also listen to the fuel pump prime with the key and you can hear fuel return to the tank if you listen close enough

2. Also check for battery power when the key is turned at the red power dist wire, it can be found at the MAS, the IAC, the injectors, etc. This is the PCM power distribution to sensors with the key in on or start..... you should have 12V+ there. If so this means the ignition switch is powering up the EEC relay and the PCM is getting power and sending it out to all sensors....
You should hear/feel the PCM relay click on with the key

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