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 Posted: Wed Dec 9th, 2020 02:13 pm
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Nice you started a thread!

So the wiring between a 2000 Ranger and 1997 Explorer are way off
You cannot just plug in the 42 pin connector and have it run
There are quite a few wires that need to move locations or be modified. We/ You need to get the wiring info for the two trucks in front of you. I have the 2000 Ranger book, I do NOT have 97 Explorer wiring book, I have 96 and 2000 go figure.
The 97 Explorer PCM will work in there we just need to move a few wires around so the computer is happy!
It is good that you have power to the fuel pump. It sounds like there is no spark at the spark plugs? 
You should also have 12V+ at the red wire at the MAS, IAC, and injectors with the key in the on position. This indicates that the computer is turning on and sending ACC power out to the engine sensors.
Makes a map of the 2000 Ranger 42 pin connector and a map of the 97 Explorer 42 pin connector.... it will get more clear on what needs to happen

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