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 Posted: Sat Dec 7th, 2019 04:22 am
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I called my local salvage yard, and sometime early next week I should have an R7 rear end and two power doors, preferably off the same vehicle.

The R7 will have drum brakes when I get it, but before it goes under the truck, it's going to get a little TLC. Cleaned and painted for one thing, then a dose of mustang disk brakes, new bearings, new clutches, and a fluid change of course. The truck that's donating it's R7 rear end has around 140K on it.

The doors should be completely ready to bolt on and plug in, although I was told they would not come with the mirrors. That's OK for me though, because I would be ditching those for power 06 mirrors anyway.

The guy said I should get a call sometime monday afternoon, and since I'm a 2nd shifter, I'll pick 'em up tuesday before work.

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