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 Posted: Tue Oct 29th, 2019 04:01 pm
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In this picture:

It is between gears 1 & 2
When you slide it into 1 or 2 that metal tab is spring loaded and will go up into the notch (see the window in the shifter arm? where the "tab" is coming through?)
When you depress the button on the handle it pushes the metal tab back down and allows you to shift
Exactly the same as the park position

Crown vic or any of the "console" shifters will be the same way...I know because I have a box of them I collected from the junk yard to do this same mod on other rangers
The cars if you put them in 1st gear and stomp on it when it hits redline the shifter will MOVE and shift itself into 2 and then D.... Not something we want in a truck

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