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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2019 12:43 am
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RCR4V3N wrote:
Troubleshooting steps per the Workshop Manual:

1) The A/C is inoperative/does not operate correctly. Possible causes; fuse, A/C control relay, circuit open/short, A/C cycling switch, A/C system discharged/low charge, pressure cutoff switch, or function selector switch.

2) Insufficient A/C cooling. Possible causes; restricted A/C evaporator core orifice, restricted A/C evaporator core, low refrigerant level, A/C cycling switch, temperature blend door actuator control, engine overheating, condenser airflow restricted, or heater control valve.

Electrical diagram for A/C compressor clutch:

Clutch Cycling Orifice Tube Type Refrigerant System

All A/C systems leak at the compressor pulley, this keeps the bearing lubricated. The only way to know if the system has the correct charge is to empty the system, pull vacuum, and then recharge.

The "Heater Valve" is a vacuum operated valve on the heater core outlet hose. This controls flow of engine coolant through the heater core. Opens when heat is selected, closes when cool is selected.

Hopefully some of this is helpful.

Technically your wrong on the only way to know how much is left in a the system. Since the ranger has a true suction port versus say a 2004 gmc 2500 that the high side port is before the orfice, and the low side port is right after the orfice. That system has to be recovered, vacuumed, them recharged. 
when my other ranger needs a “boost” in the spring, I’ll run the motor at 2 grand, windows up, blower on the third setting since that is usually where I run the a/c and I simply shot for a 40 degree evapcore.

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