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 Posted: Tue Sep 10th, 2019 07:30 pm
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Hey everyone! Your local Ranger Gal here. I need some help.

My 2005 2.3L AC has stopped working.
Here is the symptoms:
AC will, at random, blow cold. No specific amount of time. Sometimes it is 15 minutes. Sometimes it is 10 seconds. 
It will mostly blow hot. Much like the temperature outside (Sunny Central Florida). 
I have recharged it, added more of the Refrigerant and had pressure on the little compressor, and it blew cold in the cab. The compressor had condensation and I can hear it turn on.

What could it be?
I know there is a switch in the actual panel, and there is a "Heater Valve" that differentiates between hot/cold. 
I just don't want to start buying items and replacing stuff for no reason. AC parts are not cheap.


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