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 Posted: Tue Aug 6th, 2019 02:38 am
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The wire should only ding when it touches ground? IE the key is in the tumblers and makes up contact with ground?

You can use the pats key inside the halo and tape it up under the dash
then install a different ignition lock cylinder and key to do the actual power turn on and starter run operations
Stic-O on the explorer forum just put a sohc engine into a 90 something navajo, he did something like this with his pats system. We should ask him for a pic of his pats key/ halo setup. I have thought about doing it a time or two, like when we were going to put a Explorer GT40 v8 into an early bronco...keep the 1969 key and lock to turn the starter, hide the pats key and halo under the dash for added security. You take the pats key with you the injectors wont fire no matter how hard they hot wire the truck it wont run

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