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 Posted: Thu Jul 4th, 2019 10:27 pm
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Undrstm8ed wrote:
Arthur wrote:

Too bad you absolutely need 17" wheels to clear the lifted knuckle. (And 12" brakes IIRC)
Was that the case with the Superlift?
Also it always seems like the rear-end is just an aftertought with just massive blocks and meh shocks.

It would be nice if they sold a "half" kit or "for coilover" with just the knuckles,diff- and transmission brackets, crossmember and driveshaft
Basically just omit the huge rear blocks, so so shocks and torsion drop brackets. (I don't really get where their rear crossmember goes?)

[url=][/url]The Wheel diameter increase is being sold to you on the premise you would need bigger brakes and for what? the extra 220lbs or less of brackets and heavier rear spring packs, and a 12" Rotor to boot? I'm gonna go ahead and just turn down the speaker on my BS meter here.
You wouldn't need to do that in order to throw a 120 lbs of groceries and dog food I can't fathom another 100lbs at such a low center of gravity would matter either.

12" is what is on a '08 4x4 though.

And 410customs that's pretty much what I've been looking into doing.

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