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 Posted: Sat Jun 1st, 2019 08:39 am
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410customs wrote:
very durable the aluminum is like 3/8" thick they are tough
You still need to fill it to the full mark which is the factory plug location
Mike69 posted a nice one up above from Summit. This style includes a couple of screws that you tighten up against the axle main bearing caps, it acts like a girdle and gives extra support.

If you want bulletproof metal then there are several off road style 8.8 covers as well. For most applications I like the aluminum style because you get the extra strength. The aluminum is still WAY STRONGER then your factory plastic or even thin metal covers. (FYI Ford SVO used to make the aluminum girdle style for the 8.8 axle)....

I was just going to comment on the OEM plastic units. The aluminum units are just fine. If your concerned with over torquing the drain/fill plugs, it may be advised that you invest a few dollars into a decent to good Tq wrench, preferably one that does in & ft lbs. This way you can set it for what the bolt or nut requires rather than gorilla wrenching them on and risking damage.

What you should be looking for is units that offer better cooling capabilities, additional fluid, girdle abilities, maybe better placement of fill/drain plugs and many offer magnetic plugs and or fill plugs with dipsticks like the ARB units. Nitro, ARB, and a host of other companies make a quality product.

You'll be far more confident in your wrenching and happier knowing such things are tightened properly without risk of future damage. I happen to prefer my Snap-on digital 1/2" unit. it does Inch lbs, Foot lbs, and Newton Meters.. techangle® torque wrenches   Mines a bit older, like early 2000's. Its been worth every dollar I spent on it although I would suggest picking up one of these when on sale.

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