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 Posted: Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 09:16 am
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built, not bought

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just weighed mine today, since trailer licence fees for non-commercial trailers are based on weight of trailer, i took off everything i could to make it weigh as little as possible. no side racks or cap, no tailgate, no toolbox or rear bumper, and i took off my 235/15 tires on the 15x8 steel rims and put on some skinny 13" rims/tires. i even tiik the brake drums off of the ranger axle when i changed tires. i considered buying a "trailer axle" to save even more weight but thats $100 that i dont think would be worth the licence fee reduction. plus id be replacing a 3,000 pound rated axle for a 2,000 pound axle. even if i really would be ok with a 2,000 pound axle, its nice to know i have plenty of "overloading" reserve with the stock 7.5 ranger rear end. weight as i "stripped" it down to was 748 pounds. no doubt id be over 800 with bumper, brake drums, bigger tires, tailgate & toolbox. sure, i only saved a few bucks to be in the 700-800 pound range, but every bit helps. and i can fix a few things while its all apart. (like how the toolbox wasnt quite level when the trailer bed was)

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