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 Posted: Sat Mar 16th, 2019 12:52 am
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I took  a look at my Speed-O Only Cluster (with Side Gauges) and got some numbers that do not make sense.

There was only one tag, that seems to say that this cluster isn't a '95 but maybe a '99 and for a CA Vehicle.

The truck it came out of was already stripped, nose gone and I didn't look at the body tag, the JY Owner told me it was a '95 !

Do you have any way or know of a site, where I can determine by a part number what year this might actually be ?

If you have a way here are my findings:
XL 5F 10849-CA
 31 AUG 1998 24:45:03
PN-150 11,'99 CA

There is a Bar Code with a number under it:
2CHA 153 B06

Funny, nowhere does it have any dates that would indicate a '95 Cluster.
I will look around the Web and see what I can determine.

Thanks for the help !

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