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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 04:56 pm
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410customs wrote:
Sorry! let me clarify:

VSS = Vehicle speed sensor
in 95+ there is not "Speedometer connection" anymore the cable went away in 94 and the speedomer signal comes from a single wire

Thanks, I am not a Mechanic or Auto Electrican in any way, form, or other... when I have a problem I just start to work through it, so all of the items throw me at first them I ask questions or look things up, then I try to Get It Done !

I will get to the other things I mentioned and get this done.

I just got a posting in the other RF Site, RonD mentioned that the '99-' 00, Cluster will work as a Plug and Play... same thing, different faces, if this is true we may not need to go through the whole rewire thing.
Get back to me and I will make an offer on eBay for a '00 Cluster : 


Thanks again !

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