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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 04:50 pm
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410C,   Thanks.

The question is,  "Does the Gen II Cluster Housing have mounting points for the Speed-O only Layout" ?

I will be out in the Barn in a little while, I will look at the Cluster Housing and see what I can determine.

Also, I have no problem with putting my '03 Gauges in the older (?year) Housing, thank on that one !

Back to your post of above... !

My main goal is a Speed-O Only Cluster, one of my choices is to use aftermarket gauges from another project I have going, but I was thinking the wiring.

If I were to build a new custom cluster, can the OEM Wiring be used to wire the new gauges or is all new wiring and sending units needed.
I assume everything new is needed.  (I made a custom cluster for my '88 Ranger a while back, some of the wiring worked some I ran new)

I will look at both the older cluster housing I have and see if I can get the actual year.
I will get some pictures so we are on the same page; any shots of the housing, cluster you might need ?

What can I do to assist this endeavor ?

410C, thanks for offering the assist.

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