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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2019 04:41 pm
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From the other thread you said:

"Ya we have more thane... this one was suppose to be for "Is there a Speed-O Only Gauge Cluster for an '03 !

I am finding nothing line.

First I would appreciate you doing this... !

Second, we should more it to a thread with a wiring thing going on, I will try and get a link to the other thread and you can respond to that one.
We can close this one or at least not respond to it 1

Third, My cluster does not have a Speed-O Connector, so I am not sure of what year I have, not sure what VSS is either !
Is there someway to know for sure what year this Cluster is from?

What you are sliding is the Side gauges on the older Cluster can be replaced with the gauges from my '03 Cluster ? OK, that does answer another question I had in another thread.

Thanks for your reply, appreciate it !"

Sorry! let me clarify:

I will find the info I have several wiring books downstairs, we can also purchase online and ask all of our friends. Just takes time.

We are looking for 
1995 ranger instrument cluster wiring and 
2003 ranger same diagram

VSS = Vehicle speed sensor
in 95+ there is not "Speedometer connection" anymore the cable went away in 94 and the speedo signal comes from a single wire

To find the year of your cluster post up some pictures, especially numbers any part numbers (there are a bunch on the black matt cover under the bezel)

This is one of those projects where if you have both clusters apart on the bench in front of you it will start to make sense.
I am often using like 2001 clusters in 96 trucks, and things like this (to update the look or so the ODO follows the drivetrain full custom builds). Every single one of these projects is different, Ford moved wire locations and changed wire colors mid year some times. 
Getting the correct wiring schematics for both clusters is key. 
We can usually fudge it if we can get close, like a 96 ranger and 2000 ranger...most pins stay put from 96-2011, most big changes were in 98 when it went full digital 

Your project as of today:
Make map of wiring pin changes from 95 to 03
Create a 2003 cluster that talks to the truck that looks like the 95
I do not see a problem, these two trucks have the same dash and very similar clusters/wiring

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