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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2018 01:22 pm
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now you know exactly how I feel about the 5.0L explorer AWD LMFAO!!
I think it is a band aid from Ford. They shoe horned the remaining 5.0 in the explorer to compete with the Durangos and Cherokees. The Gen II explorer was designed around the SOHC engine not the pushrod. So they came up with a few "band aids" just to get them produced IMO. The early exhaust manifolds HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and the AWD t case to me are afterthoughts...
They did us a huge favor that day, packaging the gt40 302 to fit between the frame rails, above the front diff and short enough to stuff in the SOHC engine bay. The best part is they ditched the 5r55 in favor of the f150 trans the wide ratio computer controlled 4r70w and gave us the DIS ignition and GT40 intakes!! Thank you Ford!!
Its almost like Borg Warner just took a 1354 t case that fit a ranger and built a quick AWD unit about the same size. I don't like them very much I'm sure that is clear. Once you remove one for true 4x4 there is no going back

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