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 Posted: Tue May 8th, 2018 07:15 am
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Sent out the steering knuckles for media blasting.. came back great. Now Friday they get dropped off for powder coating.

Decided to do the Dust shields too..

And I was pleasantly surprised if not geeked for UPS to hit my address early in the am rather than waiting the entire afternoon for my Snorkel Kit.  Install pics of course will follow.

And surprise! Doesn't interfere with either the cowl or ditch lights or their patterns of light thrown during a hand-held mock up. I was bugging that I would have an issue with one or both and have to move them.

I need to get ahold of my MAC or Snap-on guy for two tools I want, one as a WANT (ball joint press), the other as a replacement since its in storage back home at the 'Rents in Michigan and virtually unreachable. Oh well.. never bad to have more than one hole saw kit I guess.

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